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26 October 2020 @ 10:02 pm

Your name isn't spelled out in stars, etched across the sky in some ancient dance.

What is a "Sonya"?
Sonya (pronoun): ["SO-nyaaa" or "SAHN-ya" or, to those who know the variations of my name, "SAHN-jah"];
Emily says: "Perpetually young. Insane. Friendly. Fun. Awesome."
Briony says: "FREAKING AWESOME."
Fran says: "Sunshine on a rainy day; undebatably awesome."

There's open skies up ahead, and we create our own destiny, so pick up your pen(cil)s and be ready to begin something beautiful.

<3 <3 <3

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This is the actual beginning of Toxic. RushSimone don't appear in Present!Time because it's centuries after their time, but... you'll see. Yeah. So... here we go.


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24 October 2010 @ 06:25 pm
Pre-NaNo writing! Because if I ever run out of RushSimone scenes, I'll just end up writing some Present Time.
This is the continuation of that half scene I posted... a while ago. & it includes that first part, with some editing. :)
But between this & my next post, there is a huge time skip because there are so many scenes between this one & that one. But they're the ones I've already started, so I'm finishing them?

title: toxic
scene: the whole first meeting
beta-d by: saraa (BUT ALL CONCRIT IS APPRECIATED) thank you so much!! :)
note: they don't fall in love, in the beginning. they just fall into the places where the world left them.
note2: rush is 15; wes is14; simone is 13.
(That was her third mistake)Collapse )
Uh, I'll post up the other scene. I swear.
Just... not tonight? Because I have two midterms tomorrow afternoon & failing isn't really an option. D:
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19 October 2010 @ 04:56 pm
Here we go... I swear I'm going to finish this.

How To Die Pretty Busy With Words
by sonya

o1. Speed's Birthday Fic
Wordage: 2000+ words
fiction: Lord of the Rings, LegolasEowyn
prompts: "To sin was always known to be a horrendous thing. And yet, sometimes, we couldn't help but to willingly be the
deadline: 2 November 2010 (at the latest)

o2. Pre-story to Ruling Fear---> "Cracked Frame"?
Wordage: 2000+ words
fiction: Naruto, SasuSaku
dedication: to Darlene/late birthday gift!fic?
notes: She wants to make him permanent, but sometimes she wonders was it anything in the end.
deadline: ASAP

o3. NaNoWriMo- FINISH.
Wordage: 50000+
fiction: original
Topic: Toxic. All of the RushSimone will get done.
Deadline: 3o November 2010 24:00

o4. Stover's Birthday Fic TO BE POSTED ON HER BIRTHDAY!!!
Wordage: Undetermined. What it takes to get it done.
fiction: Naruto, Kiba & Neji
prompts: "...Whaddya mean I gotta ask you for Hinata's hand in marriage? Shouldn't it be her dad? You are not her dad."
deadline: 12 November 2010

o5. Les's Birthday Fic
Wordage: Undetermined. What it takes to get it done.
fiction: ItaSasu!Brotherly fic with side SasuSaku
prompts: "You stuck it in wrong, doofus." / catching fireflies / 'and she smashed the keyboards with angry fingertips / "You didn't call! You promised you would! I was *worried*!" / something enchanting
Deadline: o3 December 2010

o6. Emily’s Birthday Fic
Wordage: Undetermined. What it takes to get it done.
fiction: Naruto, ItaSakuSasu
prompts: rehab, "look at the mess we made tonight", "why is it always the backseat?", Breakfast at Tiffany's
deadline: 16 December 2010

o7 & o8. The White Queen Project
Wordage: 2000+ words EACH
fiction: Bones, pairing (if any) undetermined; Harry Potter, Dramione
prompts (courtesy of Mad Hatter, Alice, & Cheshire Cat respectively): running aimlessly / tear-stained letters; dance on the moon / rays of sunshine; class rings / torn photographs
deadline: 19 December 2010 to the White Rabbit
beta deadline: 24 December 2010
status update: started writing the bones one; need ideas for everything.

wordage: 2000+
fiction: secret
prompts: secret
deadline: 25 December oo:oo
update status: written, needs beta-ing, but otherwise ready to post. =D

1o. Saraa's Christmas Fic
Wordage: Undetermined. Whatever it takes to get it done.
fiction: Naruto, SasuSaku
prompts: the dull sheen of chapstick // empty alleyways // red notebooks & red lipstick
deadline: 25 December 2010

11. Les's Christmas Fic
Wordage: Undetermined. Whatever it takes to get it done.
fiction: Naruto, FugakuMikoto
prompts: morning after / "I call shotgun!" / blackberries with names / highlighter-pink sweater
deadline: 25 December 2010

12. Emily's Christmas Fic
Wordage: Undetermined. Whatever it takes to get it done.
fiction: Naruto, ItaSaku
prompts: ink stains on jeans // playing catch with a stuffed bat named jazz // finding hidden gummy bears // taking chances
deadline: 25 December 2010

13. Tricky's Birthday Fic
wordage: Undetermined. What it takes to get it done.
fiction: Naruto, FugakuMikoto
prompts: honey mustard & ketchup; "I'll be burger king and you'll be McDonalds. I'll be doin' it my way, and you'll be lovin' it."; spinning around in a chair and saying “I’ve been expecting you.”; Mikoto with psychic mother skillz
deadline: 29 December 2010

::::::: 2011 :::::::

14. Soul's Birthday Fic
Wordage: Undetermined. What it takes to get it done.
fiction: Naruto; SasuSaku & KibaIno
prompts: "Handcuffs"; "You know you're going to be dragged away even if you're only in your bra and thong."
deadline: 17 January 2011

15. Saraa’s Birthday Fic:
Wordage: Undetermined. What it takes to get it done.
fiction: Alice (2009 mini-series), Halice
prompts: courtesy call // catching fluffies out of the air // spin around in your highest heels // hummingbirds // "I don't like the winter. Everything's dead."
deadline: 19 January 2011

16. Briony's Birthday Fic
Wordage: Undetermined. What it takes to get it done.
fiction: Naruto, SasuSaku
prompts: the crimson painted lips of a tricky liar // she hums him a lullaby and whispers how everything will be alright // she'll tape over his mouth and scribble out the bits she doesn't like with orange crayons // "would you like me more if i kissed you right now?" // a back-to-front sort of guy, with a front-to-back sort of girl // "you're not the liar i thought you were," she says, and disappointment laces her voice. // "let's spiral backwards — i'll meet you in hell."
deadline: 9 March 2011

17. selene's Birthday Fic
Wordage: Undetermined. What it takes to get it done.
fiction: Harry Potter, Scorpius/Rose
prompts: Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans; "I feel like something out of one of those Muggle plays. You know that one written by the guy...Shiveringspears." s/he bemoaned.; drunken laughing; Room of Requirement
deadline: 18 March 2011

18. Elle's Birthday Fic
Wordage: Undetermined. What it takes to get it done.
fiction: open
deadline: 8 August 2011

19. Speed's Birthday Fic
Wordage: Undetermined. What it takes to get it done.
fiction: Naruto, SasoSaku
deadline: 29 September 2011

20. Let Go Let Down/Speak Now
Wordage: open to negotiation with the muse
fiction: orig!fic
notes: What do you do when you love your best friend? When they love someone else? When they talk to you about all of their relationship problems? When they ask you to help them pick out the perfect ring? When the one chance you have left is when the pastor says, "If anyone sees any reason for these two to not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now."
ending: Uhhhh, well... two routes. How to decide...
deadline: open

21. SBNY
wordage: a lot.
fiction: naturo, pairings
notes: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5535366/1/sincerely_but_never_yours
deadline: 25 November 2010 (remember when we decided to finish by the end of senior year? HA)

22. A Fantasy Orig!Fic- Fighting Dragons
wordage: 80000-120000 words
fiction: orig!fic/posted as an ItaSaku
notes: It is going to be fantasy. Touch on friendship, loyalty, love, how things move on... Modern!Quest!fic.
deadline: open

More to be added as I get to figuring out everyone else's birthday...
If you want a birthday fic & you aren't already on the list, comment a request with fandom/pairing (or request for orig!fic) & prompts. :)
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18 September 2010 @ 09:06 pm
It's back with a VENGEANCE.
I swear.
It's rewritten & the plot line is a little different, but I think this works better (with characterizations & such)?
I'm... unsure as to how this will come out, but I have every detail (basically) planned out in my head, after talking to so many people about it.
So this is the FIRST PART of the FIRST MEETING (originally the garden scene). I'm having trouble getting through it, so I'm posting this part piece by piece. Everything else after this will probably write itself, but this... this is just hard.

The list of dedications: hikari_adams, for giving me a push in the right direction & giving me faith that maybe I can get this published; Riz, for being there for the first time I planned out all of the details; Saraa & Les, because you two are who you are & I lovelovelove you two; & for anyone else who told me this wasn't a stupid idea.
Thanks for more than you'll probably ever know. :)

people are like grains of sand on a beachCollapse )

P.S. I have "Clockwork Angel" & "Possession". Be jealousssss.
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10 September 2010 @ 12:21 am
I wrote this for a Facebook event I'm a part of (JOIN IT IS FOR TOMORROW & I THINK IT'S IMPORTANT). It's called "A Day of Respect".
& my post was almost three times the character limit.
& I dunno, I would like to discus this with people. Or you can just read it, think what you want, & go about your day.
If you haven't heard about this issue, I suggest you read about it because I think that this issue shows what ignorance, lack of respect, & an inclination to act without knowing what is out there can lead to. There are a lot of concerns with this because- well, look it up on Google News.

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06 September 2010 @ 03:20 pm
This story has been bubbling in my head for... well, since before graduation.
I finally got around to understanding how to begin it.
It may or may not be a bit confusing right now, but it will hopefully sort itself out. :) 
& just... before you start asking why the hell I named her "Grane", I named her after my favorite pair of jeans. The brand, at least.
Concrit would be appreciated. :)
&&& this is going to be completely- I think- realistic fiction. There will be romance & family themes & friendship &... it's going to be new for me.
Very, very new.
Because I don't think it's mostly about romance- kinda.
It's about love, yes, but it's also about the not-really-romantic relationship between one's family & one's self.
& truth & how different people see it.
It's- a thing you just have to read to understand. :)
I hope... I hope this whole story gives you something.

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20 May 2010 @ 05:45 pm
At the beginning of the year, I think, I posted that scene with Rush & Simone dancing...
But I've gone through it & I think I've made all of it transition much smoother through it.
Because there's not much else to do during lunch. Kinda stopped feeling like eating. So I write all the time.
I'll post a separate post about random things, mmmkay?

CHARACTERS: Rush, Simone
NOTES: Concrit will be appreciated a ton. Kthnxbai. :)
DEDICATION: To all the positive responses I have gotten for all of the previously posted parts. I'm going to finish revising the other ones tomorrow, so that their ages fit their characterizations.

But pragmatism, always her burden to bear alone, crushed it under the weight of reality.Collapse )
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01 February 2010 @ 03:04 am
work title: what to do with wings
author: pandastacia/panda/sonya
chapter title: taking chances
dedication: For Riz, mostly.
Because she doesn't want to feel like a pedophile because she likes an eleven year old. ;)
& this is also to Sara & Les for being there when I was panicking, either about writing a total of 5000 words or what someone smells like.
notes: So here is eighteen year old Rush, seventeen year old Wesley, sixteen year old Simone, & fifteen year old Pandora! I'll eventually make a timeline, but this happens about seven years after the garden scene & five years before the dance scene.
words: 3124
total words for january: 6446/5000
EDIT: I fixed some of the types & random changes in tense as well as the description of Simone's dress that I posted twice. T_T
I actually finished the 5000 total words before midnight, but I wanted to finish the entire scene before I posted.
This is definitely the longest of any of the three parts I have posted so far & I have to say- I think it might just rival the dancing scene as my favorite.
(Predicting something: yes, Pandora's hair is really that color. It's not a typo & it's not your eyes. Like I've said to Riz & Sara & Les, this all happens in another universe. Hair colors aren't limited to brown, blonde, red, black, & orange. For instance, Duchess has purple hair. I'm planning on other people showing up with different colored hairs because it just makes this world more distinctive. If any of you have read "The House of the Spirits" by Isabel Allende, Rosa has green hair. It's like that.)


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17 January 2010 @ 01:51 am
 This made me cry. Like, really.
It's a good thing everyone else is asleep.
Maybe it's only sad to me because I know the whole backstory. I could spill everything about the characters' life stories.
& maybe then it'll be more comprehensible why the tears come.
But maybe it's clear enough...?

title: what to do with wings
note: That prologue with Duchess has led me to decide to rework the characters to fit my plot better!  & this is an excerpt from a scene that'll probably come much further along in the story line. it's been in my head for weeks.
& I finally wrote it out.
It is the rough draft, so hopefully it'll be much more... tearful after a lot of editting...?

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